It’s time to set the table for the future... with scrumptious, delicious nourishing food! Are you what you eat? The food economy is important at home and worldwide - food production has enormous environmental impact, and we need to feed everyone on the planet

Food for thought

High carbon emissions, deforestation, water use and pollution are well known problems with our intensive food production system, and the effects of pesticides on our bodies are not well understood.

Know your food!

Buying local can mean less transport, packaging and storage. Eating seasonally means fresher, more wholesome food. Grow what you can - a herb pot, vegetables, strawberries, or fruit trees, and learn how to preserve for eating well out of season. Explore organic, whole food and free range food for your basics; have meat free days: prepare ahead to buy right, eat right and reduce waste!



Healthy Basics: I will buy one more organic or free range food item, and use the Best Fish Guide to choose seafood (first steps)

1 point per item

Meat Free: I will go meat-free one more day per week (first steps)

1 point per day

Be Prepared: I will plan my meals and include a new recipe that features plant-based, organic, local, whole food ingredients (next-step)

3 points per day

Grow your own: I will plant a fruit tree, herb, or vegetable garden in my home, workplace or suitable communal space (next-step)

3 points per plant

Buy Local: I will purchase only New Zealand produced food (stretch)

5 points per day