Get behind the future! Get active, share rides, drive less, buy electric or go public! Making a switch to more sustainable travel options saves money, can provide real health benefits, as well as creating opportunities to meet your neighbours or other co-travellers.

Transport generates the second largest portion of greenhouse gas in New Zealand. Overall, 59% of the oil used for transportation is by private cars. This dirty habit of ours has multiple and significant economic, health and environmental implications.

The time to change your travel habits is now!

Most people have options to driving alone in their car. Try to do just one thing different - whether travelling locally (school or work), commuting longer distances or travelling overseas! Check out the nearest cycle path. Test the new public transport apps (AT Journey Planner), find out about car-share and car-pooling options. Become a virtual meeting “professional”. And for the trips you have to make - reduce your carbon footprint even further through an appropriate carbon offset scheme. And if you plan on driving- buy electric next time!



Drive Less: I will cut my car trips - only taking necessary trips and combining activities (first steps)

1 point per kilometre saved

Replace one trip I usually take by car with public or active transport (first steps)

1 point per kilometre travelled

Meet Virtually: I will conduct meetings by phone or Skype (next steps)

3 points per kilometre saved

Offset Carbon:I will pay for a carbon offset when I buy a plane ticket (next steps)

3 points per flight

Drive Smart: I will google Auckland's car share and car pool options and register my interest in one (next steps)

3 points

Car Smart: I will research the electric vehicle market and plan now to switch at my next car upgrade (next steps)

3 points per week

Travel smart: I will ensure all my journeys to work or school are by walking, cycling, taking a bus, train or ferry or carpooling (stretch)

5 points per kilometre