How many take-away cups can you avoid sending to landfill every year? Can you go a month or three buying only second hand or upcycled? Don’t waste a second... make a change now!

What a waste!

We live in a throwaway society. We waste a lot! And that waste is getting back at us, polluting our waters and food, our soil and air. Our wasteful behaviours are hampering our prosperity! As they say... what goes around comes around! There is no "away" for waste.

Why not try the six Rs approach

Refuse what you don’t need

Reduce what you do need

Reuse anything that you can

Recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce, or reuse

Rehome what you no longer need or want

Rot the rest (i.e. compost).



Get it right: I will look up Auckland's recycling rules and ensure everything ends up cleaned and in the right place (first steps)

1 point per day

Reuse the Mug: I will avoid sending any disposable cups to landfill by using a travel mug or a reusable water bottle (first steps)

1 point per day

Wrap it up: I will take reusable bags/ containers and use for all my shopping. I will refuse all single use plastic bags (next steps)

3 points per shopping day

Make Compost: I will learn to compost food and/ or garden waste and visit the Compost Collective website for information and inspiration (next steps)

3 points per action

Conscious Consumption: I will only buy second hand goods e.g. clothes, homeware and technology and pass on things I no longer use to others (stretch)

5 points per item

Fun facts

You will produce about 57,880kg of landfill waste in your lifetime!

Here are some tips so you don’t waste a second:

  • Why not make your own glass coffee to go cup! Try a jar with a lid, and make a sleeve out of fabric (socks/ sleeves), wide rubber, silicon or similar to protect your hands.

  • Gear up for the summer and holiday season by treasure hunting in your local second hand clothing store.